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NAWAKWA – BLG’s next release. THE OPULENT soon to follow.

Hey everyone, Aaron here.  We have some exciting news!

BLG has been working on a new game called Nawakwa, and we wanted to show you some of the concept art.  We are still working diligently on our other game called THE OPULENT, and we expect to launch that title shortly after Nawakwa.  So…we have committed ourselves to having two new releases this year, if not three.

For Nawakwa, we took a different approach with the art this time.  I personally did all the artwork for Nawakwa, and I decided to draw with actual pen and paper rather than on a Wacom with Photoshop.   Things came together quite quickly for this game, from the concept to the artwork.  We made a number of prototypes, and mailed them to our volunteer BLG play testers early last week.  We are of course excited and anxious to hear the feedback.  We will keep you updated on our progress and when Nawakwa will be launching on Kickstarter.  Until then, please enjoy, share, and comment on the photos.  And if you’re interested in knowing more about the game, please visit this link here.


Nawakwa box 3D SMALL

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2 thoughts on “NAWAKWA – BLG’s next release. THE OPULENT soon to follow.

  1. Browser shut down on me, so not sure my other comment went through…. Basically, are the mechanics the same as Kingdom (REGNUM ANGELICA )? If this one is on par it will be another hit! Are you going to Kickstart Nawakwa as well?

    • Jason – the mechanics are actually quite different from Regnum Angelica. Nawakwa is a 4 player utilizing set collecting and time decay mechanics. We are still in the play testing phase and anticipate to roll this out on Kickstarter later in 2016. Right now, we’re putting the final touches on a game called The Opulent which will be released on Kickstarter hopefully in the next 30 days or so.

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