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Adding some new “colors” to Nawakwa

Casey and I have collected all the feedback from various resources, including GenCon folks, and we have put a number of changes in place that has improved the game play dramatically.  And…a little flavor of our own because the bright colors weren’treally sitting with me well over time.

We have ordered new prototypes and will be sending a number of these out to play testers as well as game reviewers.  We are still shooting for a Nov release on Kickstarter so that we coincide the launch with our presence at BGG Con 2016.  And yes, we will have Nawakwa there to demo.  Below are a few samples of Nawakwa – if you remember the initial pictures, you can see there is quite a difference.

Elk Tile Blue Leaf Bow Red Nawakwa card Top Wolf Tile Bear Head Spear Green

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