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Common Questions

Are you taking submissions for new games?

We sure are! If you have a game with a theme that is original, or unique gameplay that will convince us that it will sell as well as similarly themed games, we’re interested. The genre isn’t as important as a well put together game that creates a fun environment and unique experience.

Send us an email that describes the game. Include number of players, approximate play time, type of game, theme, components, mechanics, and play-testing history. This doesn’t have to be lengthy, but give us a good idea of how the game plays and why it is unique. Don’t forget to include an email that we can use to contact you. If we are interested we will email you with the next steps in getting your game published by Black Locust Games!

How can I get Black Locust Games in our local stores?

We at BLG love the local hobby stores as well. Urge your local store owner/manager to contact us at the link below so we can tell them about our retail outlet opportunities.

Do you offer group discounts for gaming clubs?

Yes we do! Contact us using the link below. Let us know the title, quantity, and how many unique ship to address there are and we will work up a personalized offer just for your club.

Shipping & Returns

Can I return my purchase?

Yes.  We are sorry that our game wasn’t what you expected. Feel free to contact us using the link below so we can schedule a return. Keep in mind you must be within 30 calendar days from the date of purchase to arrange a return. Also, let us know what it was about the game that you did not like so that we can deliver better products to you in the future. Going forward, also try our Print and Play (PnP) version of our games catalog so you can get an opportunity to try before you buy!

My game was shipped with missing parts, or, I have lost a part to my game. Can you help?

We partner with printers that have exceptionally high quality control standards, however because of the number of steps that each game must go through, occasionally  a rouge card or miniature will execute an undetected escape. Contact us using the link below and we will be more than happy to send you a replacement component.

Do you ship internationally?

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