Welcome to Black Locust Games

Black Locust Games Founding Partners

Casey Willett

Partner / Game Designer

Brainiac statistician whose love for numbers exceeds his need for oxygen.

Aaron Yung

Partner / Art Director

Anxiety ridden artist whose need for symmetry is border-line obsessive compulsive .

We’re Looking For A Street Team

Black Locust Promoter

Black Locust Games is looking for game lovers to help promote and share our games.  We need folks who are willing to bring our games to local gaming stores during Open Game Nights and have attendees play our games.  You would be required to have a deep understanding of each game to where you can tutor participants on the game play and facilitate tournaments, if applicable.  This is a volunteer position; however, should you play a vital role in having a local store carry our products on their shelves, commissions will follow.

We are looking for Promoters from all around the globe.

Artist / Illustrator

Black Locust Games is always in need of Freelance Artists, Graphic Designers, and Illustrators to help bring our games to life.  If you think you have the skills and can offer artwork that can launch BLG into orbit, contact Aaron using the “Contact Us” link below.  A portfolio is required, so please be able to provide a link or individual JPEGs.  Black Locust Games will be developing games of all sorts, thus calling for all sorts of artwork.  We encourage you to reach out with what you have as we may keep you in our back pocket for future game releases.

Good to Know

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign / Illustrator
Wordpress (basic knowledge)

Game Tester

Info coming soon….

Tournament Facilitator

Black Locust Games is in need of folks willing to hold tournaments during Open Game Nights.


Record keeping
Reporting back to Black Locust Games
Extensive knowledge of the game in question
Extensive knowledge of the Tournament Rules