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Opulent Box Top 3D


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“My grand-pappy was in the business of selling flowers. Below a smoke-plumed cityscape, he brought a little life and color into the old neighborhood. He would say, ‘Kiddo, all this greenery needs is the right light, a place to plant its feet and something to quench the thirst occasionally.’ In this city of thorns, our dear Atlantic City, nothing could be truer, and how! When your roots go deep in this town, it’s important to have a way to take off the edge now and again or you’re best to get all balled up.

Now that I have my own little garden, I’d like to start making a little green.  That’s where you come into play. I’ve provided the spotter beams to light up the night, a dance floor to plant some feet, and plenty of giggle water. What I need is a thumb; a caretaker. Ya follow? Someone with the goods to keep it all together. I’m not saying you have to go it alone. Get this bud to blossom and we’ll have plenty of room to grow.

Don’t be a sap though. It’s not all glamour and gams. You need to keep a good lookout. Hoods, pikers on a toot or maybe some big-schnozzle teetotaler comes sniffing around.  They’re weeds. Sprout up just to steal away the limelight. Things get a little hinky and suddenly we’re crawling in tin bulls. Need to pluck them out right quick or else that’s the crop!

So, what do you say? Ready to dust up or dust out? We’ve got a club to open. Welcome to the Opulent!”

In the Opulent, 1-4 players will be tasked with the operations of a successful nightclub (and speakeasy on the sly) during the historic Jazz Age. Each player will take on a distinct role that will either play a vital part in the success, or failure, of the Opulent.

Politicians, mobsters, aristocrats, and social celebrities are all seeking the time of their life in your club. Entertain with the hottest jazz bands. Fancy your patron’s indulgences by mixing up exotic libations! Deter Federal Agents with keen-eyed lookouts while hiring on an assortment of helpful hands and amenities to keep pace with success while keeping the doors open. With ten scenarios spread over the fantastic decade of the 1920’s, the “World’s Playground” awaits your rise to stardom.

Time to show your onions!

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